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Veliaf Announces The Hex Factor Contest for Child’s Play

Veliaf over on der Hexenmeister has announced he will be sponsoring The Hex Factor Contest for Child’s Play. He’ll be using his 25% off Discount Code courtesy of as a prize for his Hex Factor Contest for Child’s Play. Each week he’ll host a different contest aimed at helping bring more attention to Azeroth United and Child’s Play.

@AzerothUnited Meta-Drive Achievement #iblamesyrana


Guess who got creative with their Sponsorship Contribution to Hearts, Hands, and Voices for Child’s Play Charity?! None other than Sideshow and Syrana… Playing on their twitter Internet Community banter, S & S will be donating $.10 to Child’s Play Charity for every blameworthy tweet which includes #iblamesyrana.

For every tweet containing #iblamesyrana (with [...]