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LIVE on USTREAM Azeroth United Interviews Kristin Lindsay of Child’s Play

All of here at Azeroth United are honored to have Kristin Lindsay, the Project Manager of Child’s Play as a special guest to help us kick off the Hearts, Hands and Voices Child’s Child’s Play charity event.

Have a Heart, Give a Hand, Share your Voice!

Fellow Azerothians are uniting today to foster support for the First Annual – Hearts, Hands, and Voices Drive for Child’s Play Charity. Together, we are spreading the word… be on the lookout in the coming weeks for continued community support, corporate sponsors, and more information.

The event will kick-off November 1st, so let’s do our part [...]

In the works…

Plans are coming together for the first Azeroth United charity drive. Stay tuned for more information!

In the meantime, we are uniting with amazing fellow Azerothians left and right! Make sure that you are united by submitting your logo, link and information. Together our voices will unite to bring attention to many worthwhile fan websites, podcasts, [...]

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