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Blizzcon 2010!

UPDATE: It actually looks like we’ll not be having a meetup specifically labeled as an AU meetup at this year’s Blizzcon. Thanks to all that offered help, but with all the other things being planned, it just wont’ work out.

Blizzcon 2010 has been announced and, as far as we know, Azeroth United will be there! What are we going to do there? Well, have a MEETUP of course (at least one)! Not sure as to the date, but it will probably be that Friday night. It will be a combined Azeroth United, Twisted Nether, Blog Azeroth and others meetup. We’re looking for people who are interested in helping out! If you are planning on going to Blizzcon this year and/or live in the Anaheim(ish) area, let us know! We could use help figuring out where to do this thing!

We could also use sponsors. If we want to do this bigger and better than the TNB meetup last year, we’re going to need that kind of help too. We’re still going to have giveaways, so we’ll need something to give away (imagine that). Also, If any company is interested in co-branding, we can talk. Having some money to spend means we can find better venues. So, let us know if you are interested and how you can help!

We’ll be sure to post more information as we get it!

3 comments to Blizzcon 2010!

  • HolyMoley

    Uh oh, AU plans on going to BlizzCon? Watch out! Even though a mojority of the bloggers, podcasters and others will already be in Anaheim, hope you guys don’t accidently meet up at a place, or even worse run into others more than once! All the charity and hours upon hours of upaid selflessness will be for nothing if this was to happen.

  • Wish I could go to Blizzcon but I can’t. My husband won’t let me xD