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We Made It! Now What?

Well guys, we not only met our fund raising goal for Child’s Play Charity, we exceeded it! Your responses far surpassed all of our expectations. Each and every person who gave their time and effort, and contributed to Hearts, Hands, and Voices made our first charity event a huge success. Together we raised over $7,900 for Child’s Play Charity, and gave our World of Warcraft Fan Community a positive boost intern.

A special thanks goes to the team of (Mike Schramm included),, and for their coverage of the event. Without their coverage of the event the exposure wouldn’t have had nearly the impact it did.

So, what’s next?

That is totally up to you! Azeroth United belongs to all of us. If you have an idea for another charity event, an in-game meetup, or are interested in getting involved in our preliminary plans for Blizzcon, shoot us an e-mail! More importantly, make sure to let others in the community know that we are still here, still growing, and looking forward to what 2010 has in store for us. And, if you haven’t already – UNITE WITH US!

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