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Royal House of Azeroth on the Arathor(US) holds HHV Donation Drive


Royal House of Azeroth on Arathor(US)

Royal House of Azeroth on Arathor(US)

Can you feel the excitement in the air?  I know I can. There is always a busy shuffling buzz during the last week of anything. And here at Azeroth United it’s no different.  As we are in the middle of our last week here of Hearts, Hands and Voices for Child’s Play.  And you know what?  It’s been amazing.  You guys have been amazing.


We blew the doors off our first goal of $5,000.  And we’re getting closer and closer towards reaching our second goal of $10,000!!  And it’s all thanks to you guys!

See everyone is getting in on the action now.  We still have our #IBlameSyrana twitter campaign going. But as you might have read Mike Schramm of and The WoW Insider Show recently did a Guitar Hero Endless Set Marathon and earned over $350!!

And now we’ve just got some other news.  It seems Royal House of Azeroth over on Arathor(US) has been busy holding their own Guild Charity Drive.

This awesome idea and event was kicked off by Michael Coniff.  He came up with the idea of getting his entire guild has been getting in on the action.

As a guild, Royal House of Azeroth has been scraping and saving and donating like crazy.  Their original goal is to reach $100 as a guild.  And honestly they might want to rethink that because as of last Friday they had hit $80 just with the internal donations and they had at least 3 made directly using the Chip-In widget here on the site!

So see, here you thought you had to do everything yourself! Get your guild involved like Royal House of Azeroth did! I’ll be honest, I don’t understand why we haven’t seen even more community drives like this going on.

So come on guys! Let’s get to it! We only got a few days left!

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