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Veliaf Announces The Hex Factor Contest for Child's Play

Azeroth United, a group of World of Warcraft focused podcasters, bloggers, artists and players, have joined together to earn $5,000 during their Hearts, Hands and Voices for  Child’s Play charity event.


The great thing about being a community is seeing how we all use what we have to help each other achieve something greater than we could by ourselves.

We’ve seen this with Sideshow and Syrana’s #IBlameSyrana metadrive on Twitter.  What started as a single blog with a great idea,  has now grown to include two other sites (Fulguralis of Killing’em Slowly and Samodeon of Massive Nerd)  jumping on board to keep this going and spurring it on.  Thanks guys!

And now we have something else going on.  Veliaf  over on der Hexenmeister has announced he will be sponsoring  The Hex Factor Contest for Child’s Play.  He’ll be using his 25% off Discount Code courtesy of as a prize for his Hex  Factor Contest for Child’s Play.  Each week he’ll host a different contest aimed at helping bring more attention to Azeroth United and Child’s Play.

All you have to do for the first contest is submit a Child’s Play themed slogan.  Hmm.. maybe I’ll can enter?  What about, “Child’s Play – it’s much more than just a game!”  See it’s easy!

But before you go check out Veliaf over on der Hexenmeister for all the rules why not click the chip-in on the sidebar and through in  your donation to help us bring a smile to a child.

Azeroth United ( is a community of Internet Media Sites and Sources built and maintained by World of Warcraft Fans and Players around the world. United, their voices are being joined to support common interests and reach goals that would be unattainable alone. Their inaugural event, the First Annual – Hearts, Hands, and Voices Drive for Child’s Play Charity drive kicked off on November 1, 2009.

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