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@AzerothUnited Meta-Drive Achievement #iblamesyrana



Guess who got creative with their Sponsorship Contribution to Hearts, Hands, and Voices for Child’s Play Charity?! None other than Sideshow and Syrana… Playing on their twitter Internet Community banter, S & S will be donating $.10 to Child’s Play Charity for every blameworthy tweet which includes #iblamesyrana.

For every tweet containing #iblamesyrana (with at least something blameworthy, not empty tweets), Sideshow and Syrana will donate $.10  to Child’s Play Charity, up to a maximum of $50 worth of tweets. Whatever that total is (up to the max) they’ll match. (So if there’s 500 tweets bringing us to $50, they will donate $100).

Even if you have never tweeted a day in your life, now is the time to #iblamesyrana, and show our support for Child’s Play Charity.

Let’s explain how this works…

  1. Say your toon gets stuck while you are trying to wall walk in Ironforge
  2. You pop on twitter and chat about it: Got stuck while haxing IF, the game hates me! #iblamesyrana
  3. You pass the blame for your misfortune
  4. Another $.10 goes into the kitty for Child’s Play Charity from Sideshow and Syrana!

And, coming soon… a Child’s Play Charity twibbon. Your avatar can be your voice to support Hearts, Hands, and Voices for Child’s Play Charity! Also, soon… Twitter Unity here on Azeroth United!

This is a great opprotunity for everyone to get involved and give a little, and get into tweeting with the countless other World of Warcraft players who are active within the social networking community! Get involved!

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